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Program and machine your parts easier and faster with VoluMill and VoluTurn. The world's leading science-based toolpath generation system.

What's New in VoluMill


The most significant performance increase over any previous version of VoluMill.

For more than a decade,VoluMill has proven to be the fastest, most cost effective method of bulk-material removal for all non-finishing milling operations. Today, VoluMill version 9 offers the most significant performance increase over any previous version of VoluMill.

VoluMill version 9 delivers even better machine-tool and cutting-tool performance – increasing shop floor productivity and cost-savings. 

Refined Performance

Feed rate adjustments for small radii are now applied more smoothly, resulting in fewer feed rate changes and further reduced cycle times.

Faster Processing

VoluMill now uses the graphics processor to reduce processing time. This, along with other refinements, can reduce processing times significantly.

Greater Accuracy

A new parameter controls the accuracy of the calculated IPW. This can result in greater toolpath accuracy or faster toolpath calculation times, at the user’s preference

Also New in 9.0.

UNDERCUT MILLING Use T-Cutters to machine complex undercuts.

INTELLIGENT STARTING POINTS For Horizontal Machining Centers - When there is more than one possible starting point in a closed pocket, VoluMill will choose the lowest point in the Y axis to improve chip evacuation.

BOUNDARY SUPPORT VoluMill for SIEMENS NX now supports Check boundary segments within a Trim boundary for MILL_AREA geometry.