Take the Challenge

How It Works

The volumill Challenge Program was developed to help companies quickly identify the benefits of VoluMill in the most efficient manner possible. The simple logic is why spend time learning how to use a software if you don't know how or if it can benefit you. 


Step One - Send Us Your Part

You provide us with part geometry - a part that you have already cut, and have current cycle time and cutting tool data on. The part you choose should have a reasonable amount of material to be removed, and it should be something we can program within a couple hours. You will be required to complete an online form where we collect specific machine-tool information needed to program your part according to your machine-tool's capabilities.

Step Two - Let Us Program Your Part With VoluMill

We'll program your part specific to your machine-tool's capabilities, and show you how we did it. Once your part program is ready for your review, we'll setup an online meeting and show you exactly how we programmed it, the recommended cutting tools, and what we believe the results should be.

Step Three - You Cut Your Part On Your Machine And Witness The Results

We send you back your programmed part, a five day temporary license, and you run the part on your machine.

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