Reduce Wear on Machine Tools and Cutting Tools

Constant material removal rates enable machine tools and cutting tools to operate under ideal milling conditions - at all times.

Reduce Wear on Tools

VoluMill Allows You To Use Your Machine-Tools and Cutting-Tools More Efficiently

The useful life of most cutting tools is expended inefficiently – cause of death is typically abuse of a small percentage of the tool, with much of the tool completely unused.

Optimal Cutting Conditions at All Times

Constant stepover toolpaths generally have a shorter path length than other approaches. VoluMill keeps a constant stepover wherever possible, producing even machining loads and uniform chip formation, resulting in excellent heat evacuation.

Safely and Easily Control Cutting Dynamics

VoluMill's Active Chip Thickness Control enables you to precisely manipulate the critical elements of metal-cutting dynamics, giving you greater control over your machining processes.

Use Your Cutting-Tools More Efficiently

Because of VoluMill's patented methods for creating transition areas, and its intelligent toolpath design, you can cut deep fast, safely using the entire flute length of your tools.

Automatically Reduce Tool-Shock

As recommended by leading tool manufacturers, VoluMill automatically reduces the feedrate as the cutting-tool enters the material, and safely brings it up to the target feedrate when appropriate. This intelligent feature in VoluMill reduces tool shock and extends the life of your cutting-tools.