Operation Templates - The Easiest way to Produce High-Efficiency Toolpaths

Create it once, use it and share it over and over and get the same great results

Operation Templates

It doesn't get any easier

Celeritive's operations templates makes it simple to capture and reuse machining knowledge. Once established, the best set of parameters and settings for a given machining task, as proven at the machine, can be easily saved and reapplied in similar, future applications. Programming time is greatly reduced, requiring little more than loading the desired template and setting the proper Cut Levels. Predictable machining performance is ensured through the consistent application of shop-floor-proven parameters. The possibility of human error is also minimized, as the chances of inadvertently entering an incorrect value or forgetting a key setting are virtually eliminated.

Portable Proven Results

The ability to create templates which can be shared among multiple users, departments, even facilities, promotes and facilitates programming standardization throughout an entire enterprise. A customizable user-interface makes it possible for each user to sort Toolpath Templates to his or her preference.​