New Customer

Software Downloads:

To get started with your new software installation, you will need to create an account on our workcenter online platform. It may take up to 24 hours for your account to be activated once you complete the online registration. Click here to create an account now. If you already have an account on workcenter you can login in now and download your new software. Once logged in to workcenter, use the menu and select Apps and select the appropriate Apps section to filter the proper edition and version for your installation. 

Obtaining a License:

Your license codes will be issued and sent to the email address designated by the product schedule when your company purchased the software. If you are not sure what email address was provided to us, please contact our support department. If your license installation does not have internet access, upon request, a license file can be emailed to the designated email address. You may also request via workcenter to have your license codes saved to your workcenter profile for future access.

Activating a License:

The license code provided to you via email will activate your license over the Internet. If your software installation does not have access to the Internet, you may request an activated license via Celeritive's license manager found in your start menu after you have installed your software. Note: A complete list of installation instructions will be provided to you with your license activation code.

Periodical Updates and Technical Support:

Celeritive often releases new enhancements and bug fixes that improve the performance of your software. For customers with an active maintenance agreement, these enhancements and bug fixes are available for download via workcenter. An active maintenance agreement also provides technical support via email and by phone. 

Renewing Maintenance and Technical Support:

You will receive an email notification to the designated contact when your annual maintenance is within 30 days of expiring. In addition, Celeritive's license manager will as well notify you within 30 days of your license expiration date. Upon the completion of renewing your maintenance contract, you may be required to release and re-activate your license via Celeritive's license manager using the original license codes provided to you. For installations which do not have Internet access, you will need to request an updated license file from our technical support team.

For Assistance:

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