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› McMillan Machine Case Study - Firearms manufacturer sees windfall savings

McMillan Machine Case Study - Firearms manufacturer sees windfall savings

The Business Challenge

When a Navy Seal takes aim at a target through the scope of his TAC™- 50 McMillan Tactical Rifle, he does so with confidence in his weapon-maker’s nearly 40 years of precision firearms manufacturing.

Gale McMillan, founder of the sevenentity McMillan family of companies, began producing firearm stocks in 1973 for his use in highly demanding and competitive bench-rest shooting matches. Fellow competitors, always in search of the next competitive edge, asked him to produce stocks for their rifles as well. From these roots, Mc- Millan has grown into one of the most well-known and respected brands in the firearms industry.

In 1987, McMillan decided he could save time and money while improving quality by producing firearms hardware in-house, rather than buying, dismantling, and rebuilding components from Remington. McMillan Machine Company was born.

“It ballooned from there,” said Duncan Davis, general manager of McMillan. “Then we started building the .50-calibers, which is the firearm for which McMillan is best known.”

Although McMillan has produced aftermarket parts for Harley-Davidson and components for Cessna, the company primarily machines parts for weapons systems. Barrels, firing components, housings, chassis, mounts, adapters, and couplers comprise the majority of McMillan’s workload. McMillan Machine Company is one of seven companies in the McMillan family, which also includes McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Operator Development, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Tactical Products, McMillan Hunting Products, and McMillan Group International.

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