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› DMW Case Study - Aircraft parts, 6061 and 6Al4V

DMW Case Study - Aircraft parts, 6061 and 6Al4V

The Business Challenge

Diamond Machine Works (DMW) is a family-owned business that started in 1959 with manual machines, eventually expanding to CNC machining technology. The Seattle-based job shop now operates five CNC mills (two 50-taper and three 40-taper machines) and four CNC lathes using Mastercam® X4.

According to David Pruett, the company’s CNC programmer for 15 years, close to 90 percent of DMW’s work is for aerospace and defense giant, Boeing. Their diverse capabilities drive other customers to DMW for intricate parts machining for skis, snowboards, and even the BMW Oracle racing sailboat.

“We do a little bit of everything,” Pruett says. “As a job shop, we take a lot of work that other people won’t bother taking. We excel at airplane parts that no one else wants to make, due to either their complexity, low volume, or both.” While many shops are looking for profitable high-volume aluminum parts, DMW is able to handle not only aluminum, but also complex jobs made from steel and other harder materials.

The complexity of the parts produced at DMW led Pruett to research the latest high-speed machining software. “Some of the parts we cut are complicated and some are overly complicated, with difficult-to-machine, tight-tolerance features,” Pruett said. He discovered the VoluMill™ toolpath solution and began the two-week free trial offer.

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