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› AMS Case Study - Restored Competitiveness and improved win rate

AMS Case Study - Restored Competitiveness and improved win rate

The Business Challenge:

Advanced Machining Systems (AMS), founded in 2002 in Bend, Oregon, is a full-service CNC machining and design shop that specializes in precisionmachined components. This includes incubators for medical research companies, aerospace hydraulic systems, interior parts and life support systems for medical transport helicopters, control surfaces for general aviation aircraft, as well as parts for experimental aircraft and firearms.

While their existing client base was satisfied with the company’s quality work, high levels of customer service, and commitment to providing custom solutions, AMS management noticed that new business was falling short of objectives. They embarked on a thorough analysis of their business systems, resulting in a streamlined work flow and specialized areas within the shop that maximized handling efficiency.

One area that still needed to be addressed was programming time— a key step in the company’s customized solutions. For example, one firearms component on the AMS production schedule is a part made of A6 tool steel that is used for rifle testing. Initiating production required 75 minutes to program the part and 35 minutes to rough out the first of two operations. In addition, run times were fixed at 1,200 RPM with a 16 IPM feed, creating tremendous wear on end mills and requiring AMS to maintain a large tool inventory.

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