Download VoluMill™ Version 2016 Today and Get The Latest Productivity Enhancements.

The many new enhancements in VoluMill Version 2016 will improve machining productivity and while increasing the performance and extending the life of machine tools and cutting tools. Cycle times are faster, chip evacuation is improved, and machining loads are smoother than ever before.

Where advantageous, spirals are now employed to speed material removal.

To improve chip evacuation and coolant access, new strategies have been added to more quickly create larger openings in the material.

Flat, open faces are now machined much more intelligently, with linear cuts automatically generated at the optimum angle, and spaced so as to minimize the problematic thin ribbons of material that are often produced while face milling.

There are also new clearance-plane options that greatly ease the programming process when machining multiple parts and/or multiple sides of a part, such as with tombstone work or 3+2 setups.

A new material-entry option automatically avoids all areas of the part that would require plunging along the Z-axis, especially useful with non-center-cutting tools. 

And toolpath regeneration speed is significantly increased when making changes that don't require the part geometry to be recalculated. 

These and several other productivity-enhancing improvements are just a download away.

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