Nov 5 Wednesday

MOORPARK, CA, November 5, 2014 – Celeritive Technologies, Inc. announced today that the US Patent Office has issued US Patent 8,880,212, the second patent covering key innovations of the VoluMill Science-Based Toolpath technology.

“This patent covers a number of unique features of the VoluMill technology that we developed to address critical problems in rapid material removal,” said Glenn Coleman, chief product officer for Celeritive. In particular, some of the patent claims relate to VoluMill’s ability to pre-clear specific transition areas of the workpiece, allowing high-speed connections between cutting passes in locations where other material removal techniques routinely overload cutters. “Traditional toolpaths and so-called high-speed milling techniques commonly introduce spikes in tool load, forcing programmers to slow down to avoid catastrophic tool failure, which of course increases cycle times. In contrast, VoluMill maintains a consistent material removal rate, allowing machines to run safely at high speeds throughout the cutting process, while dramatically extending tool life.”