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Performance Comparison

the Video
Parallel Offset: VoluMill Toolpath: VoluMill Advantage: Actual Toolpaths:
Cycle Time 103 seconds 34 seconds Shorter Cycle Time VoluMill Toolpath

Parallel Offset Toolpath
Feedrate 100 IPM 350 IPM Faster Feedrate
Spindle Speed 9,500 RPM 10,000 RPM Higher Spindle Speed
Sound Screeching, groaning Smooth, even pitch Reduced tool wear
Depth of Cut .250 inches .500 inches Deeper DOC
Passes 2 1 Fewer Passes

Comparison performed by Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Machine: Haas Super Mini

Material: 6061 Aluminum T651

Cutter: OSG Blizzard 1/2" diameter, 3-flute, solid carbide end mill, stubby

"We were pleasantly surprised by how well VoluMill worked. The cycle-time reduction was amazing - better than 3 to 1.
And you could clearly hear the difference on our machine; the pitch was smooth and constant. I had no
idea we could run this little machine so fast."

       - Eric Miller, Principal and Director, PADT, Inc.