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September 16, 2010

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Sep 16, 2010 - Celeritive Technologies, Inc. has signed an agreement with Geometric, a leader in developing advanced manufacturing software, to offer the ultra-high-performance machining software program VoluMill™ as an option for its leading solid-based CNC programming solution CAMWorks®.

VoluMill toolpaths dynamically manage material removal rates to keep an even and user-controllable load on the cutting tool. Ideal machining conditions are established and maintained throughout the program for any combination of part geometry, material, machine, and cutting tool. Machine tools are fed commands that enable them to operate at peak efficiency levels, enabling the use of machining parameters that both reduce cycle times and extend cutting tool life.

“The combination of VoluMill and CAMWorks will allow our customers to fully leverage solids technology and provide better performance on the shop floor,” said Sunil Palrecha, Geometric’s Director of Product Marketing and Sales, who added, “We expect the addition of VoluMill to give us a sizable competitive advantage in the solids market segment.”

Lawrence Lynott, Celeritive Technologies’ vice president of sales, said, “This agreement will give VoluMill a strong partnership in the solids market segment and broaden its exposure and use in Europe and Asia.

About CAMWorks:

CAMWorks® is an intuitive, solids-based CAM solution that helps manufacturers increase productivity and profitability through best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools that maximize machining efficiencies. It is simple to use and eliminates the drudgery of CNC programming with Intelligent Machining through automation.

CAMWorks was the first Gold Partner CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) solution designed exclusively to operate in SolidWorks. CAMWorks can run within SolidWorks, or as part of a cost-effective CAD/CAM package that includes CAMWorks Solids, an integrated solid modeler.

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About Geometric:

Geometric ( is a specialist in the domain of engineering solutions, services, and technologies. Its portfolio of Global Engineering services and Digital Technology solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enables companies to formulate, implement, and execute global engineering and manufacturing strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies in the product realization lifecycle.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Geometric was incorporated in 1994 and is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges, The company recorded consolidated revenues of $108.1 million (Rupees 5.12 billion) for the year ended March 2010. It employs close to 3,000 people across 11 global delivery locations in the U.S., France, Romania, India, and China. Geometric is assessed at SEI CMMI Level 5 for its software services and ISO 9001:2000 certified for engineering operations.

Geometric’s Desktop Products and Technologies (DPT) business unit, develops cutting-edge point productivity solutions that enhance design and improve manufacturing operations. The unit includes Scottsdale, AZ-based business subsidiary Geometric Technologies (a division of Geometric Americas, Inc.).

The end-user products from Geometric include CAMWorks®, eDrawings® Publisher, DFMPro, GeomCaliper®, and 3DPaintBrush™. The key technologies from Geometric are NestLib®, Feature Recognition (FR), GeomDiff and 3DSearchIT®.

About Celeritive Technologies, Inc.

Celeritive, a leading developer of advanced technologies that enable maximum productivity from existing machining hardware, is the creator of VoluMill™, the patent-pending toolpath engine that integrates with the industry's leading CAM systems. Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, Celeritive Technologies was founded by leaders in the manufacturing industry, including machinists, developers, and executives.