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Celeritive’s Supply Chain Program for VoluMill™

Extending Productivity Gains

Leading manufacturing companies around the world are using VoluMill to safely double machine output, extend cutting tool life, and create a much more productive and competitive manufacturing enterprise. With this kind of success, it’s only logical for manufacturing companies to extend these benefits into their supply chain, and promote mission critical manufacturing processes that only VoluMill can deliver.

Introducing Celeritive’s Supply Chain Program for VoluMill™
The aim of Celeritive’s Supply Chain Program is to develop a globally standardized adoption of VoluMill technology that contributes to the efficiency of the supply chain. Apart from contributing value to operating results through savings in procurement, our Supply Chain program includes a strong commitment to quality, flexibility, and efficiency.

  • Low Cost Impact on Supply Chain:
    Because VoluMill is a platform independent technology, available as a standalone technology, or as an integrated add-on to many of the world’s leading CAM technologies, suppliers are not required to displace or replace their existing investment in CAM technologies.
  • Direct Vendor Training and Support:
    Each supplier receives individualized support and guidance in the use of our products through certified instructors both on site and through our technical support centers. Support deliverables are customized to satisfy the specific needs of supply chain initiatives.
  • Global Capabilities:
    Through our global network of Certified VoluMill Channel Partners throughout the world, our Supply Chain Program delivers local support in native languages.
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