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Tooling Up For
High Speed Machining

  The Many Facets of
High Speed Machining

  The Economics of
Ultra High-Performance Toolpaths


Original broadcast: 17 May 2010:

A successful high-speed machining operation involves many factors, two of the most crucial of which are tool paths and cutting tools. Guests include Glenn Coleman, Chief Product Officer of Celeritive Technologies, inc., who is regarded as a leading industry expert in tool path science, and Scott Tiehen, National Sales Manager for Helical Solutions, a 15-year cutting tool industry veteran. We will be discussing technology that increases machining efficiencies, reduces cycle times and boosts feeds and speeds.

Original broadcast: 18 June 2010:

Gary Rodak, President of Machining Efficiencies, Inc., in Gregory Michigan, and author of a recent white paper on high-speed machining discusses the many factors that are involved in high-speed machining. Those include machining centers, CNC controllers, tooling, toolpaths, lubricant and operator training.

Scheduled for: 12 July 2010

Duncan Davis of McMillan will be featured.